Wednesday, June 27, 2007

JACKIE SALIT ON WASHINGTON JOURNAL: Jackie Salit, who managed Mike Bloomberg's campaigns in '01 and '05 on the Independence Party line, appeared on CSPAN's Washington Journal on June 23, 2007, to discuss Bloomberg's prior candidacies and his announcement that he had officially become an independent. (Requires RealPlayer)


MIKE BLOOMBERG SPEAKS TO INDEPENDENTS : Mike Bloomberg, who recently declared himself an independent, spoke to a large gathering of independents at the Anti-Corruption Awards sponsored annually by the Independence Party of New York City. The 2005 race for mayor was just getting underway and Bloomberg's Democratic Party opponents had repeatedly called for him to disassociate himself from the event and from the city's independent political forces. Bloomberg ignored their advice and went on to receive 75,000 votes on the Independence Party line and 47% of the black vote.


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